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Sending email after an opt out request

March 29, 2008

Here is a great statistic that I pulled from

73% of retailers sent no more emails after receiving an opt-out request. – Email Experience Council/RetailEmail.Blogspot, “Retail Email Unsubscribe Benchmark Study” (2008)

Ok this is scarey.  What about the other 27%?  Do they not have the systems in place to handle the unsubscribes or is just a larger problem where they either cannot handle unsubscribes in a timely manner or is it just something so insane like they “just dont care”.

My philosophy on the whole unsubscription thing is that if you are an online retailer, and you have the ability to sell products over the internet as well as have some sort of business acumen to send email to promote your products, please do a favor to all legitimate email/online retail establishments and process your unsubscribes correctly.  It just makes sense and it makes our industry have a better name.

So c’mon…who are you?  Who is a part of the 27% our there wanting to fess up that they do this?  Speakth now!

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