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Email Has Become the Bane of People’s Professional Lives

April 23, 2008

Scott Goodson over at the Marketing and Strategy and Innovation Blog has a great post about email and how it can literally take over our professional lives. I think it brings attention to the saying of “email overload”

I have suffered from email bankruptcy before and so I know where some of these guys are coming. Not only does it occur in our inboxes, but it is now becoming even a bigger problem on my RSS feeds and all of things that I like to track.

Anyway..thanks Scott for the great post. Keep’em coming.

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  1. April 25, 2008 10:36 pm

    I wonder how much time has been saved by email?

    It’s easy enough to remember the good ol’ days, when that “email time” would have been spent making phone calls, sending faxes, snail mailing, having face to face meetings, or just walking from one department to another, to speak to someone – all in the name of communicating the same info (or less), that you can put into one broadcast email . . .


  1. bankruptcy » Blog Archive » Email Has Become the Bane of People’s Professional Lives

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