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Gimme Your Email Address – Part 1

April 23, 2008

Over the next few posts, I am going to dive a little deep into email acquisition because in the times that we are living in, most companies will continue to be aggressive in the areas of email address acquisition. There are some right ways and some wrong ways to go about getting an email address.

However, I thought I would start with a story. (you can decide on if its real or not as the names are made up to protect the guilty and the innocent)

In a far far away land, there was a company called Tarmart. Tarmart was a great company to work for and to shop at. They carried everything from bongos to beach balls. The CMO at Tarmart saw that his competitors were doing alot of business online and recently found out that most of his competition were getting into this new marketing called “sending out email” Suddenly the CMO stated that email was a top priority at Tarmart. Their current data warehouse of customers did have a lot of information in it. but they found out that they had virtually no email address’. This disturbed the CMO and he immediately tasked all his underlings to launch a plan to acquire email address’ of everyone that shopped in their 250 stores. They currently had 1 million email address’ that they sent a bi-weekly product barf (promotional email) too, but this CMO tasked all of marketing and specifically the newly hired email marketing manager to acquire 4 million more. Since they had information on about 10 million folks, the CMO thought that this would be an attainable goal. This new email marketing manager had about 2 years experience in the industry and thought the quickest way to shut up the CMO was to do an eAppend of his current customer data. Certainly he can find 3 million emails or so from the 10 million they had. It would be easy he thought. Then we could just blast the hell out the 4 million and get a ton of revenue and make the CMO and everyone in marketing jealous of what he was able to do. Little did he know……that this strategy was ultimately doomed to fail….


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  1. JimmyBoucher permalink
    November 28, 2009 7:03 am

    Ummm… is there a part 2? Am I blind?


  1. Gimme Your Email Address - Part 1 | arneygabriele

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