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Quadruple Opt In

April 30, 2008

Sounds nuts huh? Who the heck every heard of quadruple opt in? About a month ago I signed up to receive emails from a particular company. I went through the standard double opt in process and all was good. About 10 days ago, I received an email from this company saying that there was a change in their email practices and that they needed to confirm my wish to receive email from them. At this point, I had received maybe 3 or 4 communications from them, so I found this strange. I clicked on their link and again acknowledged that I would like to opt into receiving their email. 2 days ago, I received another communication from them indicating that this was the last communication I would receive from them, unless I click on this other link, did the acknowledgment again and then answered 3 questions. At first, I thought the last communication was an error on their part. I thought certainly that their 3rd opt in attempt went awry, but apparently not, since they asked for more information.

Goofy? Yes. Creepy…..yes. I don’t want to call out this company for good reason as it may damage their already bi-polar email manager, but there is such a thing as either too much protection or just plain ignorance.

Curious to hear any opt in nightmare stories.

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  1. jeffmull permalink
    February 27, 2009 1:35 pm

    I saw a video on this at

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