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Hot and Cold in email marketing…

May 27, 2008

It was around 84 degrees yesterday in Chicago. Today, I woke up and it felt with like 34 with the wind blowing. Hot then cold…hot then cold.

Is your email marketing doing the same thing? You send out an email and notice that it does particularly well and then you send out another only to have it not perform well at all.

Here are a couple of guidelines to ensure that what you can do to keep the potential fire burning hot. (this is by no means an exhaustive list)

1.Consistency – Your emails should look and feel the same in terms of your template and extending the users website experience. Ensure that you are not changing the “From” address.
2.Relevancy – Are your messages relevant to the user? Do you batch and blast or take the time to send out communication based on their browse, purchase or preferential behavior.
3.Engagement – Do your emails engage the reader to want to read on? Or are they simply a promotional push to have them buy. Sometimes, customers want to be educated about your products as opposed to being sold all of the time.
4.Passion – Is your company passionate about what they sell? Is that reflective in the email? Ensure that your passion for success is inline and communicated with the customer.
5.Compassion – Is it really about selling all of the time? Taking the time and sending an email about some of the important causes that your company is taking part in (going green, giving back etc….) can weigh heavily on the minds of the purchaser. Show them that you care and that you do a lot more than just push product.
6.The human factor – This means a lot, but do your emails show that your company is run by a bunch of humans or does it invoke that you are just a marketing monkey cranking out emails for the good of the company? Show the consumer that you are human, by injecting humor or a sense that you are a fun company to deal with. People like fun and despise old and crusty.

While the above list is by no means a complete list, its does contain some items that are often overlooked by the corporate masses when doing email.

I welcome your feedback.

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