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5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF!!!!

June 17, 2008

There has been a few posts lately on email as a conversation and not something else. In fact, one of my favorite posts in months was over at the Campaign Monitor blog on email as a conversation and not an invasion. In it Matthew talks about people using the words “email blast” or “mail shots” to convey an email marketing campaign. I found this post to be humorous and totally inline in what I see all over this industy…which is a complete disregard for the science and the art we call email marketing.

I told a few of my fellow co-workers that if I ever heard another person saying, eMail Blast that I was going to lose it.  Then it got fun, cause we came up with a few sayings to describe (in perfect stupidity) email marketing. Here are a few that we thought of


email bomb or eBomb for short

Shamalama eShot

And about 3 others that I cannot mention publicly.  Anyway,  I think its all about education in your organization to folks who don’t know that email marketing is hard work.  Causually mention to them that email blast is a thing of the past and then tell them that email marketing is the new term. Explain it to them so they will understand the importance and tell them that everytime they use the word “blast” to describe an email that they want to send, they owe you something that is valuable to them.

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