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Email Address Attrition

July 7, 2008

Do you know what your attrition rate is?  Industry experts have indicated that you should lose anywhere between 35%-45% of your list per year.  I agree.  However, what if you are losing more than that?  50%, 55% or even 65% or more.  Here are a couple of things you should look at if you think your attrition is getting too large.

1. How aggressive are you acquisition strategies?  (eAppend vs. sweepstakes in order to acquire email address)

2. What sort of welcoming strategy do you have to new subscribers?  Do you get them warm for your form before putting them into the promotional stream?

3. Do you send out relevant content? Ok ok…relevancy in the email marketing world is overused like the word love…but how relevant are your communications?  Are you using purchase behavior, preference centers, browse behavior in order to send out communications

4. Do you offer an opt down strategy when folks want to leave your program?

5. Are you calling your email marketing efforts blasts? If have a long way to go guys.

There are probably 10 more reasons for attrition that I can think of, but these tend to be the most prominent. I encourage you to look deep within your marketing efforts and ask if email is add on effort to supplement marketing spend cuts or if you are truly committed to using one of the best marketing tools to its max with solid strategies.

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