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September 4, 2008

Goals…we all have them.

I believe personal goals should be written down and almost contractual in nature between yourself or others. For example, I have a personal goal wife to lose weight and if I reach my goal, I am able to get my first ND  tattoo.  I wrote the goal down and both my wife and I agreed to it.  Granted, it was a lofty goal to achieve, but the reward is something that I really will strive for

Professional goals should be co-written between you and your manager.  They should be agreed upon in advance and consistently evaluated for feasibility and attainment.  It should not be an exercise of your manager writing them down and then dictating to you what they are.  It should be a team effort and they be discussed before being finalized.

Your email marketing goals should be an agreement of sorts between you the professional email marketer or team and the business that you report into or produce for.  Roles and responsibilities need to be flushed out and goals must align to the business in order for them to be attainable.  Without clarity of these goals everyone will suffer.

Bottom line: write them down, collaborate and align them….make them reasonable and decide on success metrics.

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