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A Hole in One.

September 8, 2008

Today I went golfing with my 6 year old son. It was his 2nd time playing and I could not be more proud.  On the 6th hole, I took out my 9 iron and gave it a good whack and low and behold, the ball hit the green and rolled about 25 feet right into the hole.  I jumped up and down and screamed and my son shared in my elation.

When was the last time you were able to jump up and down about one of your emails?  Has it been a while?  What made you jump for joy?  Was it the stats? The revenue it produced?

The big question is how do you replicate that email or can you replicate it?

I am a firm believer in testing. At my current organization we do our fair share of testing and learn.  At my former orgranization we did virtually none.  Whether you are a place where you do a lot of testing or not, just make sure that if you do, analyze the results and be prepared to change with you findings.  Nothing ticks me off more than when people say lets do all this test and learn and never do or change with any of the results.  Testing email is not easy and it requires discipline, but never give up.

Test to learn but learn from your test.

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