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Stand By Your Email Convictions

October 7, 2008

I live near a wonderful bird sanctuary and forest preserve in South Barrington IL. On my way to work today, I happen to be driving down the road which separates these wonderful wetlands and preserve and coming towards me was a brand new Lincoln Navigator. As I was looking at them, I saw something fly out the window and noticed that they tossed a McDonald’s bag full of trash out onto the road right in the middle of this wonderful scenery and clearly the marshland which houses these birds. I was going 55 mph and did not have time to stop to pick up the bag and either throw it away or turn around and hunt down this idiot that threw it.

I find people who throw trash out of a car window to be some of the most ignorant folks on this planet. I wish I had more time to be able to stop the car, pick up the trash and either throw it away or try to hunt these folks down and hand it back to them.

The same goes for your email marketing. As economic times get tough, we as email marketers are being asked to send more, do more because email is cheap and easy to do right? Here are a couple of guidelines to standby your convictions as an email marketer.

1. Don’t send more email cause it is easy to do. Fight off folks who want to send more for a short term gain, but perhaps sacrifice a long term loss. Think of the customer long term and not as just another email address to blast too.

2. Stand by your email copy conviction and fight off folks who want to add in more images of their products or things cause their budgets are getting cut and they want more real estate in the emails. Again, think relevancy and think about the customer.

3. When in doubt ,about being asked to do something,think about yourself as the customer and how you would react to a company if they started to do something.

In today’s economy and pressure to perform and produce results, stand by your convictions as a professional email marketer. Think best practices and think about the person at the other end of the email.

I failed in my convictions today as a person who despises those that litter. I plan to try to never let myself fail again.

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  1. October 7, 2008 2:03 pm

    “Standby” doesn’t mean the same thing as “stand by.” Putting something on “standby” means to pause it, to set it aside for a while. To “stand by” something is to continue supporting it, even when others might disagree.

    From the context, I’d guess you intended the latter meaning…right?

  2. October 7, 2008 2:52 pm


    My apologies for the confusion. It is the latter. It was late when I wrote this post.

    I will change it out now

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