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Montgomery Ward…what the hell?

October 20, 2008

I suspect that 2 things have happened at Montgomery Ward and their email program.  Either it is run by a group of monkeys and they get free bananas if they push a button or they happened to pick out this one poor soul at a meeting and say “hey you…you have marketing experience…run our email program..I mean how hard can it be?”

This is quite possibly the worst sign up and user experience I have ever had to go through from a major company in many many years.  It is as if Montgomery Ward is stuck in 1996 in the way the are doing email and I am fearful to even get their first promotional email.

Forget about a welcome strategy or even a welcome email, because I am still waiting for mine.  In figure 1 you will see that at the bottom of their page is where you can sign up for email.  First off….bottom of the page…..hello?  In figure 2 you will see the page I am taken too when I enter in my email address from Figure 1.  Not that bad, but I have a pre-checked box and I have to enter my name.  Nothing more..nothing less.  I can accept that.  However, here is where it gets just plain bad.

Look at figure 3. I am taken to this page after I enter my information on figure 2.  No branding, no link back to the site. I either have to close out my browser or tab.  Horrible horrible customer experience.  Figure 4 is my confirmation email……with images turned on in gmail. With images turned on!!!  No M.W. logo, nothing.  Pathetic.

While I admire that they have a double opt in process and send me a confirmation email, here is where it gets even worse.  At this point, I want nothing more than to take a baseball bat to my head and have someone put me out my misery.   In figure 5 you will see the confirmation page I am taken to once I click to confirm from the disastrous confirm email.  Again, no branding, no link to site….nothing. A wasted opportunity.

Montgomery Ward…please for the love of God, go and hire a professional email marketer or consultant to help you through this thing.  You have a decent name, but yet you serve it up via an email experience that is about as fun and inviting as my next kidney stone.

By the way….its been about 6 hours…..and no welcome email.  Oh well…guess you don’t want me to shop there or welcome me into your program.

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