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Subject Line Consistency?

January 23, 2009

I guess there is something to be said about subject line consistency, except when you use the same subject line.  For the last 11 emails has used only 2 subject lines.  Either they are having the best month in email because of the same subject line or they simply have no idea what they are doing.

Its fifty or so characters which stand in the way of you and the recipient on whether or not they want to open the email.  Some folks put a lot stock in the use of a subject line.  Others believe that established brands with loyal followings should not put too much faith in the performance of subject lines but focus rather on relevancy and killer content.  Most however believe that there should be balance between content and subject line.

Whatever you believe to be the best formula, believe in testing.  However, just don’t test to test.  Test to analyze and action your findings.   Many people have written about best practices around subject lines, so I won’t go there in this post. Either has found the secret sauce to subject line nirvana and are genius’ or they are just plain lazy and have no business sending email.

I welcome your thoughts.


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