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Be an email marketing hero..even if for one day.

November 3, 2009

At some organizations, the email person is often looked at as a second class citizen.  Most people think email marketing folks are people who could not hack it in the real world of marketing and so they chose to sit behind the computer and push a button all day to send out emails for the company.

No matter how much you read or know about email marketing, some folks within the organization look at email marketing as a necessary thing and that there really isnt all that much to think about.  People don’t get that it’s an art and a science and therefore despite the big revenue numbers that email can produce, email folks tend to be on the lower end of the marketing pay scale.

Despite all of this, its time to be a hero. It’s time for you to come out from behind your office or cube and take a risk that you know will benefit your program and your organization. Do the right thing for your subscriber and try something that through testing you know will work.  Be a hero to your subscriber.  Be a hero to your organization and be a hero to yourself.

Do it now and beg for forgiveness later.  Some of the greatest hero’s in history went against what was popular to accomplish great things.

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