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Happy Birthday Mom

November 11, 2009

My mom says she reads my blog which is awesome.  The funny thing is that she always tells me that she has no idea what the hell I am talking about 1/2 the time on this thing…but here is a post that I know she will get.

Today is my Mom’s birthday and I wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday publicly. This is not a milestone birthday for her, just another year added on….but that is the coolest thing…my Mom doesn’t get old…she just keeps getting more and more adventurous every year.  It was evidenced this past couple of months when she ended up spending 4 weeks in Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet doing crazy things I would not do.

So with that…to my only other woman in my life who is awesome and incredible….Happy Birthday!!! Make it a good one Mom..I love you and will see you this weekend to help you blow out your candles.

Your Son.

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  1. November 11, 2009 2:04 pm

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Kordek! I think of all the moms who attend their kids’ sporting events and know little about the sport – but they’re there, participating, supporting and encouraging their child’s success. Nice to see your mom hasn’t lost that perspective and still participates in your success.

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